Landlord's Webinar Series for 2018

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Ontario's system of rent control - Rent deposits, interest on rent deposits, raising rents by the guideline, illegal charges, the L5 above guideline application

January 27
10 am

Starting a Tenancy - Lease forms, applications, Human Rights Code, rent deposits, exemptions from the RTA

Feb. 3
10 am

Rights and Obligations - Maintenance, entering the unit, privacy, quiet enjoyment, unit inspections, damage to the unit

Feb. 10
10 am

Evictions for rent arrears - The N4 termination notice, L1 application and hearing process, tenant voiding opportunities, LTB orders, enforcement of judgments. Eviction for Persistent Late Payment of Rent.
Feb. 17
10 am

Evictions for tenant conduct -
The N5, N6, N7 and N8 forms, drafting the forms, filing the L2 application, the N5 voiding provisions, sufficiency of notice details
Feb. 24
10 am

No Fault Evictions - 
Evictions for landlord's or family's personal use, purchaser's use, evictions for demolition or extensive renovation.  Ontario's new 2017 rules.
March 3
10 am

Sessions are 2 hours.  You receive the session's Powerpoint  as PDFs + forms

Sessions are LIVE, ask questions of Ontario's foremost landlord law paralegal

Access to form updates for 1 year.  Series contains all items in our forms package


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