Landlord's Webinar Series for 2018

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Ontario's System of Rent Control - Rent deposits, interest on rent deposits, raising rents, illegal charges, the L5 above guideline application, Ontario's new 2017 rules.
Starting a Tenancy - Lease forms, rental applications, Human Rights Code, rent deposits, exemptions from the RTA

Rights and Obligations - Maintenance, entering the unit, privacy, quiet enjoyment, inspections, damage to the unit
Evictions for Rent Arrears - The termination notice, application and hearing process, tenant voiding opportunities, LTB orders, enforcement of judgments
Evictions for Tenant Conduct - The N5, N6, N7 and N8 forms, drafting the forms, filing applications, the N5 voiding provisions, sufficiency of notice details
No-Fault Evictions - Evictions for landlord's personal use, purchaser's use, demolition or extensive renovation.  Ontario's new rules.


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