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& Former Adjudicator at the LTB

 Training for Realtors & Rental Housing Staff

HFPS is the only full-service paralegal firm specializing in landlord and tenant law that also provides training to keep you as a landlord out of trouble.  It's just too easy to make costly mistakes, but it's also easy to stay out of trouble with proper training.


We now offer Ontario Realtors a couse called Residential Tenancy Law and Rental Agreements.  We will come to your brokerage office or to an off-site location to teach your salespersons what they need to know.  Call us for available times and a quote.

Just by asking the wrong question in an interview, or failing to understand how the Human Rights Code applies to your building operations, or not understanding notice periods or how to fill out termination notices, can land you in expensive trouble and cause unnecessary delays.

We have delivered landlord and tenant law courses to 7 Ontario Real Estate Boards.  For Realtors, we have extensive experience training salespersons in the intricacies of the Residential Tenancies Act, and the ins and outs of Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board process.  As a part of our training toolkit, we offer Powerpoint presentations, lease analysis, sample rental documents, procedures review etc.  Email or call for a quote and more information.

For landlords big and small, we have customized solutions for 1 to 100 participants.  Check HERE for our small landlord training information, and HERE for our landlords forms package.

Training is available during the day as well as in the evenings for groups and individuals.  Give us a call to find out more about staff training, and keep your staff from making costly mistakes. 


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