Civil Claims up to $25,000

Ontario's Small Claims Court, a branch of the Superior Court of Justice, handles claims to a maximum of $25,000.  There are rumours that it may increase to $50,000.

Small Claims actions are sometimes needed by landlords when the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board loses jurisdiction when the tenant is no longer in possession of the unit, or for contract issues when there is a substantial lease term remaining and the tenant vacates.  Small Claims Court is also the place to go for enforcement of Landlord and Tenant Board orders.

Claims must be filed in the jurisdiction where the cause of action occurred.  There is generally a 2 year limitation period for filing a claim, so be careful not to lose your right to file a claim.
Unrepresented parties are at a serious disadvantage in Small Claims Court.  The procedures and timelines are complex. We are experts at analyzing your issue, drafting persuasive claims and representation at court.  Small Claims Court is the correct venue for you if you have disputes regarding the following, to a maximum of $25,000:

* Breach of contract * Negligence
* Wrongful dismissal * Unpaid invoices
* Unpaid promissary notes * Contracting disputes
* Personal Injury claims * Landlord's claims for damage or rent
* Defamation * Enforcement of court & tribunal judgements


 Human Rights Code Litigation

Ontario's Human Rights Code, the first in Canada, was enacted in 1962. The Code prohibits actions that discriminate against people based on a protected ground in a protected social areas. 

Protected grounds are Age, Ancestry, colour, race, Citizenship, Ethnic origin, Place of origin, Creed, Disability, Family status, Marital status (including single status), Gender identity, gender expression, Receipt of public assistance (in housing only), Record of offences (in employment only), Sex (including pregnancy and breastfeeding) and Sexual orientation.

Protected social areas are Accommodation (housing), Contracts, Employment, Goods, services and facilities, Membership in unions, trade or professional associations.
We represent both complainants, those making claims, and those defending claims at the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal.  We can draft claims, defences, represent you at mediations and trials.  However if cost is an issue, you may also retain us for limited scope work where we look after part of the process, for instance drafting the claim, while you look after other parts of the litigation.

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