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Bill 184 Changes -
  On July 21st, 2020 the legislature passed Bill 184 and the bill has now been proclaimed into law.  In order to stay out of trouble, you will need to know not only the technical changes, but how to deal with them on a day to day basis.  The webinars below, including their videos, have the latest Bill 184 changes.

This CPD for investor landlords will describe the history and background of this bill, discuss the substantive changes, and also looks at the tie-in to COVID-19.  The video is 1.5 hours, and the PowerPoint is included.
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Includes PowerPoint

Landlord Essentials 3-Pak The first three Webinars below are essential for the new landlord just getting started in the business, or for existing landlords who are confused about the rules and requirements under the constantly changing Residentail Tenancies Act. 

You can buy each individually, or save a bundle and purchase the Landlord 3-Pack for just $249 to keep yourself out of trouble. This package includes Starting a Tenancy, Ontario's System of Rent Control and Rights & Obligations of landldords, AND it contains all the forms in the Landlord's Forms Package.
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Marijuana in Rentals - Marijuana is now legal across Canada. How will you deal with it?  There may be insurance or mortgage implications of having people smoke and run mini-grow-ops. Complaints from other tenants need to be dealt with. Mold and utility cost issues are possible. Watch this 27 minute webinar on the new rules, ways to deal with the problem, and the process for LTB evictions for cannabis use or growing.  Includes notice of termination sample pleadings for smoking in rentals, freehold & condo, extensive PowerPoint.
ONLY $59.95

Starting a Tenancy - Learn about the NEW 2018 mandatory government lease form, plus our suggested lease Appendix with dozens of clauses to provide proper protection, tenant screening tips to avoid the "Tenant from Hell". In this webinar we deal with rental applications, leases, credit checks, rent deposits, pre-paid rent, guarantors the whole process from advertising the unit to move-in.  This webinar also deals with the Human Rights Code, both pre-tenancy while screening, and during the tenancy.  No Bill 184 changes affected this webinar.

Ontario's System of Rent Control - This webinar on rent control includes all the 2020 Bill 184 changes. Learn all about allowable rent deposits, interest on rent deposits, raising rents, increases for additional facilities, illegal charges, discouinting rent and the L5 above guideline application. In this webinar we deal with all of Ontario's 2018 and 2020 rule changes. Learn everything you need to know about keeping your rent legal, and avoiding applications by a tenant for a reduction of rent.  No landlord in Ontario can afford to be withoiut this knowledge.

Rights and Obligations - This webinar deals with the landlord's obligations, including maintenance, proper notice before entering the rental unit, privacy, providing quiet enjoyment, preventing and defending against the common tenant applications filed by the tenant against the landlord at the LTB.

Learn the day to day responsibilities of both landlords and tenants.  In addition, this webinar deals with what happens if a tenant gives the landlord short notice to move out, and what the landlord's options are.  No Bill 184 changes affected this webinar.

Evictions & Rent arrears During Tenancy - This webinar includes all the 2020 Bill 184 changes.  You will learn all about the N4 termination notice, the L1 application and the hearing process, tenant voiding opportunities, LTB orders, enforcement of judgments, eviction & money.  The webinar also includes information on how to evict for persistent late payment of rent.

This webinar takes you through the entire process from notice, to application and then hearing. If you make one mistake in the process, your application could be dismissed with a long wait until the new application is heard.

Evictions for Tenant Conduct, Compensation for Damage & Utilities - This webinar includes all the 2020 Bill 184 changes. Learn about the N5, N6, N7 and N8 eviction notices and how to complete them properly, how to file applications to the LTB, how the complicated N5 voiding provisions work, and how to make sure you provide sufficiency of deatails in your termination notices.  The webinar includes a number of termination notice appendices for complex issues such as non-payment of utilities, condo evictions, smoking, marijuana etc.

If a tenant has damaged your unit or failed to pay the unpaid utilities, or causes you other monetary loss through their conduct (such as a condominium charge-back), this webinar will show you how to apply for eviction and for the recovery of your reasonable costs.

Evictions for Landlord or Purchaser Use + Renovation and Demolition - In this webinar which includes all the 2020 Bill 184 changes, we discuss No Fault Evictions, that is, those for landlord and purchaser use, as well as for demolition and extensive renovation.  Ontario's 2017 RTA rule changes made these applications more complex, and the recent 2020 changes made it quite punitive for landlords who have provided bad-faith notice. 

Learn strategies for successfully evicting for recovery of the unit for the landlord or purchaser or their family.  A lot of these applications are dismissed by the LTB, and large fines of up to $35,000 can be imposed by the Board.  Avoid being another statistic.  Also learn how to stay out of trouble and avoid having to pay LTB fines, provincial offences fines (up to $250,000) and compensation to former tenants of more than a year's rent.

Post-tenancy L10 Applications for Rent, Damage, Utilities & other Monetary Loss -
In this webinar which includes all the 2020 Bill 184 changes, we discuss the new ability of landlords to head to the LTB for compensation for any type of loss (rent, damage, utilities, compensation, NSF, appliation fees etc.) that occurred during the tenancy, but where the landlord files their claim AFTER the tenant has moved out.  The LTB's new L10 form will be explained so you understand how to make the claim.

Prior to these July 2020 Bill 184 changes which did not take effect until 2021, the Landlord had no choice but to head to Small Claims Court to file their claim once the tenant had moved out.  And prior to these changes, utility arrears and costs arising from non-physical damage were not even covered by the LTB.  This change is a big plus for landlords, if you know how it works.

Attending a Hearing at the LTB -
Preparing for the hearing will help you feel more comfortable when the hearing date comes. Scheduling, filing, adjourning a hearing. Attending a hearing, conduct at the hearing, summoning witnesses, adjournments, reviews at the LTB and appeals to Divisional Court. In this webinar you will learn the ins and outs of providing oral evidence, cross-examining witnesses, how to use exhibits etc.

Mediation & alternate dispute resolution at the LTB - Learn about the process of mediation at the LTB, the mediator-assisted settelement agreement versus the Board-ordered consent order.  Learn how to enforce agreements with s.78 clauses as a wey to an easier eviction or behaviour/payment agreement. 

We also cover the new 2020 private re-payment agreements which allow a landlord and tenant to avoid the LTB completely but allows for the landlord to file directly for eviction if the tenant breaches the terms of re-payment.

All Webinars updated to reflect the 2020 Bill 184 changes

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