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We now do online consultations using the Zoom meeting and webinar platform.  Wherever you are in Ontario, we can meet you "virtually" for a consultation, share documents, and have a more personal consultation experience than simply using the phone.  All you need on your end is a computer or laptop with a microphone and camera.  We can even have multiple people in different locations attend our consultation sessions.

And after the consultation, if  you need a paralegl to commence an action in your city or town, we do referrals to experienced paralegals who excel at landlord and tenant work  All referrals are done without a referral fee, and include a written summary and recommendations to the paralegal of your choice.



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PLEASE NOTE: Use of this website does not ensure confidentiality.  Also sending email communications to our office DOES NOT establish a paralegal-client relationship. No paralegal-client relationship is created by the information provided here or by submitting emails, questions or texts.

A paralegal-client relationship is ONLY created after:

1. The paralegal agrees to accept your case, AND
2. You have entered into a signed written contract with our office; AND
3. You have paid all agreed retainer fees to our firm.

In sum, a paralegal-client relationship can only be established by mutual written consent between you and the paralegal. If we have not signed a written retainer agreement, we do not have any sort of paralegal client relasionship.


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