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Schedule of Fees and Costs for LTB MattersWork

There are several potential stages involved in the eviction of a tenant.  Below are the various stages and types of work for which you will be charged for a typical Tribunal application terminating a tenancy, as well as other types of applications and fees. 

It is impossible to generalize on fees and costs, as the amount you will be charged will vary depending on the complexity of the application, the amount of research and preparation required, the length of the hearing, the sophistication of the client and number of appearances.  However, you only pay for the services used. 

Notice of arrears and termination, preparation and service by mail or fax
Filing of a certificate of service with the Tribunal
Preparing and filing the application with Tribunal plus service by mail or fax
Represent the landlord at a hearing, if necessary (GTA) which may involve a trial or settlement through the Tribunal mediation service
Tribunal adjournment, attendance at the Tribunal but the case not heard
Filing an eviction order with the Sheriff
Additional preparation for a case, only if needed, for complex accounting preparation, trial prep., interviewing witnesses etc. is charged on a per hour basis
Preparation work for Above Guideline Applications is charged on a per hour basis
Representing the landlord at a hearing for an above guideline application

In addition to fees, the client will be required to pay Board application fees, that for most Landlord applications cost $170.  The largest fee is the Sheriff's fee, charged by the Sheriff to actually enforce the order (writ of possession).  Most times, this fee is not required, as the Tenant moves out as a result of the Board order, but depending on mileage, can be as much as $330..

Schedule of Costs for Small Claims Court Matters

There are several potential stages involved in the claim or collection of money.  Below are some of the more common fees for the more routine services.

Draft & file plaintiff's claim including service on the respondent $500.00
Pre-Trial appearance at settlement conference $400.00
Trial attendance (Minimum, based on three hours) $650.00
Additional hourly rate at trial $175.00
File and serve Enforcement Affidavit and Notice of Garnishment $275.00

In addition to the above charges, you will be required to pay Small Claims Court application and filing fees which are generally quite reasonable. 

Other disbursements such as photocopies, mileage and parking may be made on your behalf, for which reasonable fees representing the actual cost of the disbursement will be billed back on your account. 

Court and Tribunal appearance fees are based on the hearing being in Toronto or Mississauga, with a trial of up to two hours in duration.  Additional time will be charged at $175 per hour.

Fees for Small Claims Court are based on an action within the Toronto Small Claims Court's geographical jurisdiction. 

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