DON'T BUY THESE FORMS if you want to learn the ropes and understand the Residential Tenancies Act.  Instead, get our Landlord Essentials 3 Pak webinar series which contains 6 hours of video and includes all these forms.

Just $99.95 gives you updated versions of these essential items with updates for a year:

Ontario's UPDATED March 1st, 2021 Standard Lease, slightly modified, required for all new tenancies  
UPDATED lease Appendix enhances weak Government lease. Hundreds of clauses to choose from **  
Rental application.  Detailed & Code compliant.  Ask the right questions to assist w choices & enforcement.  
Human Rights Code Policy Guideline.  Get answers all your Code-related questions, learn obligations.  
Notice of Entry into the unit, follows all RTA requirements.  Don't get refused entry, or sued for illegal entry.  
Tenant complaint form.  Landlord's have a legal duty to resolve tenant v. tenant complaints.
Parking lease addendum, add to lease agreement describing the rules about parking at a rental..  
Move-in/out inspection report.  Complete for every tenancy, proves unit condition if damage is discovered.  
Maintenance work-order / request form.  Provide these to the tenants to reduce frivolous claims.  
Guarantor Agreement, properly binds the guarantor for any and all debts incurred by your tenant.  
Letter to tenant accompanying annual N1 notice of rent increase.  This eliminates confusion, illegal rent etc.
Safety Inspection Report. Complete annually, protects from claims of missing equipment.  
Sub-lease agreement. Use if you agree your tenant can sublet rental for a short period of time.  
Consent to assign form.  Signed by all 3 parties if landlord agrees to allow lease assignment.  
Consent from Tenant to utility company allowing the landlord access to account information.  
Tenant acknowledgement.  Buying or selling?  Tenants sign this to protect buyer by confirming details.  
Rent increase timing chart.  This explains & visualizes how rent & deposit are raised.  
Tenant rent ledger, Excel format, tracks & prints. Use for record keeping & as evidence in court.  
Tenant's monthly rent receipt, all details required by RTA Regulation 516/06 for rent receipts.  
Powerpoint - Bonus item - Primer on LTB termination Notices for rent & conduct  

You receive 1 year of updates free for all forms.  The forms are yours to keep forever.
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